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Drug smuggler crashes into police car, kills officer

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A police officer was killed after a drug smuggler crashed his car into a parked patrol car in the northern province of Hoa Binh on Wednesday.

Do Manh Linh, 28, and Hoang Minh Thanh, 23, were in the police patrol car that was parked on the side of a highway in Tan Lac District when a Toyota Prado crashed into it, injuring both.

Trang A Chu, who was driving the car, had previously ignored a signal by officers at a nearby police station asking him to stop for checks.

After the crash, Chu locked his car’s doors in an attempt to commit suicide but the police broke the windows and captured him.

The police later seized nearly 17 kilos of heroin, two packs of ecstasy tablets and more than VND70 million (US$3,370) in cash from the car.

Linh succumbed the following day to serious injuries. Thanh is being treated at the local hospital.

According to the police, Chu is a member of a drug smuggling ring that trades and transport drugs from neighboring Son La Province to Hoa Binh by car. Last Sunday, the police arrested three ring members and confiscated a heroin brick from their vehicle.
Reported by Thai Son

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